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US Route 6, Clarendon, PA 16313  |  1-814-726-1900
590 South Ave, Bradford, PA 16701  |  1-814-362-1490

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Hoover Oilfield Supply is a manufacturer’s distributor of numerous products and equipment for all your oilfield needs, including the production and lease maintenance phase of the oil and gas industry. Hoover carries an extensive line of tubular products and products for both drilling and production operations, including a wide assortment of valves and fittings, pressure gauges, pipe wrenches, and support equipment. We also have a complete inventory of valves and piping for mud systems, water systems, and high pressure choke/kill systems.

Included in Hoover’s production lines are the normal Safety and Environmental products necessary in today’s modern oil and gas industry. We stock the normal everyday safety items such as hard hats, steel-toed boots, and safety glasses, as well as products for environmental protection and clean-up that every oilfield operator must have ready access to, including oil pollution booms, oil absorbent pads, microorganisms that will bio-remediate absorbed hydrocarbons, and bio-degradable washes and detergents.  Hoover also carries a complete line of Oil Gator® products, Peat Sorb® and Ken-Gro Bio Sorb® products.

Our flagship store, located in Clarendon, PA, has been in operation since 1986. In 2014, we expanded our Pennsylvania footprint to include a store in Bradford, PA. With two stores in relatively close proximity to each other, we are able to stock thousands of different items to satisfy the needs of our customers, insuring minimum down time. We make every effort to communicate with our customers so that we will have the necessary equipment and parts on the shelf when the time comes, thus reducing the amount of inventory that the customer must carry in the field.

However, if we don’t have a part you need, we can quickly source and ship those products for you, whether they are replacement parts for older model equipment or OEM parts that have long delivery times.

Our employees are the best in the business, with extensive knowledge, broad experience, and a thorough understanding of our customers’ business needs.

Todd Ace
Hoover Oilfield Supply, Inc.
US Route 6 East
Clarendon, PA 16313
Cell: 814-779-8970
Office: 814-726-1900
Fax: 814-726-5706

Dave Nuzzo
Hoover Oilfield Supply, Inc.
590 South Ave.
Bradford, PA 16701
Office: 814-366-5441
Cell: 814-598-9593

Hoover Oilfield Supply, Bradford, PA

Hoover Oilfield Supply, Clarendon, PA