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Hoover Oilfield Supply is a leading manufacturer’s distributor of quality products and equipment that meets all the requirements of the oil and gas industry. From tubulars, valves, and fittings to gauges, wrenches, and other support equipment for both drilling and production, our extensive inventory has all you need for optimal operations. Our full stock of valves, fittings and pipes, furthermore, covers all your mud system, water system, and industrial needs.

When it comes to Safety and Environmental protection, our supplies encompass everything necessary in today’s modern oil and gas sector. We offer standard safety items such as hard hats, steel-toed boots, and safety glasses, as well as specialized oil-related products such as oil pollution booms, absorbent pads, microorganisms that can bio-remediate absorbed hydrocarbons, and biodegradable washes and detergents.

Our store in Winnie, Texas has been providing exemplary service to customers since 2003. Nestled between Houston and Lafayette, this is one of the busiest hubs for oil and gas activities globally. This gives us access to an abundant supply of oilfield equipment, allowing us to address our customers’ needs immediately. We are in constant communication with them to make sure the right parts and tools are ready for when the need arises, minimizing the inventory our customers have to store in the field.

If the equipment or parts you need aren’t in stock, we’ll source and ship them from anywhere in the world.

Our personnel have the skills and experience to identify your business needs and help you get what you need quickly.

Michael Stark
Hoover Oil Field Supply, Inc.
45124 Interstate 10
Winnie, TX 77665
Tel: (409) 296-2525
Cell: (409) 550-2367

Hoover Texas